Cinema Livre is proud to present its first audio release.
Tiny Star incorporates the highly influential poetry of Maurício de Almeida Gomes into filmmaker João Paulo Simões’ acclaimed sound design.
Brian Trevelyan’s poignant tone, as he recites words written over half-a-century ago, is set against a haunting journey of distant chants and muffled subterranean textures.
The poem was recorded at Matt Howden’s Red Room Studio; the analog treatment and final mix, completed at Millmount Studios.

“The recording of this poem was a very beautiful experience, where three individuals (Matt, Brian and myself) got together with huge respect for the source material and committed to honouring it by producing a perfect piece. I was worried about messing with the result of that session, but it was important to me to convey a sense of time and context. Hence the underlying atmosphere, which comes and goes in waves, and the ‘aging of the recording’ by means of a vinyl texture and a selection of carefully applied effects.” - João Paulo Simões

The cycle of honouring and incorporating the poetry of Maurício de Almeida Gomes into other art forms will continue, with a dance/spoken word performance by Angelina Abel and further music adaptations.
And the circle will close with the release in 2013 of the feature-length project Remaining Absences – the final instalment in the Absences Trilogy from Captüra Filmes/Cinema livre – in which the poet reads from his own work to camera.