Our documentary "RAFIKI JAZZ - UpClose"
is available now - click above!

"The Essence of I" - our upcoming music video
fro psychedelic pop duo TKTTSM
"Rafiki Jazz" Womex Promo - Soon to be released worldwide!
Angelina Abel/Mulembas d'Africa
Promo Shot/Chopped by Frontier Media

Culture + Community in Social Life [Banyamulenge]

Angelina Abel in Mulembas d'Africa - Coming Soon 
Frontier News:
selection of our films can now be widely seen on
via a distribution deal for the US and UK territories.
"London like you've never seen it..."
First Official Promotional Image from Mangrove Oysters
Frontier Media has supplied cinematography expertise
to the web-series Mangrove Oysters;
in the pic: lead actress Robyn Paterson behind-the-scenes; 
"Lives intersect in the London of today..."
Second Official Promotional Image from Mangrove Oysters

Segment#0 of Time & Ten Women - Coming Soon
Jack Hanlon (Amp-Art), Tony Bowring (Arts on the Run) and
João Paulo Simões (Frontier Media) w/host Gul Nawaz Hussain 
- a joint interview at BBC Radio Sheffield, after the premiere of 
Frontier Stories: Banyamulenge at the Performance Migrations
event - Millennium Gallery;