New Frontier Media commissioned music video Amar Salgado for Portuguese band Nanashi - Director João Paulo Simões talks about the experience:
"Right from its very first stages, this project was blessed with mutual understanding and respect. I could immediately tell that this was a very personal song for Sara Belo (frontwoman from Nanashi), so I made sure I sampled the right elements from our early conversations in order to bring her essence into the music video outline. On the other hand, there was a genuine interest on their side in having as much of my cinematic vision incorporated into the video as possible.
This freedom opened the gate for a challenging approach, in a narrative structure already infused with a sense of mystery, fate and the quintessential Portuguese feeling of saudade.
Bursting out of the song and forming a dramatic core for the proceedings, came a central section in which not just the song was 'suspended', but the whole pace dared to slow down.
This anguished, comtemplative section is mostly carried by the actress Sílvia Almeida's terrific performance and it's punctuated with a sound design which I'm particularly proud of.The return to the song is triumphant and the overall result of part film/part music video displays what could perhaps be summed-up as hybrid vigour."
With special thanks to: Teatro da Garagem, who made their professional technicians and space at Teatro Taborda available; Frederico Corado (for his kind generosity) and Enrique Rodriguez (for making the post-production of this project a little less turbulent);

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