Angelina Abel in Mulembas d'Africa - Coming Soon 
Frontier News:
selection of our films can now be widely seen on
via a distribution deal for the US and UK territories.
"London like you've never seen it..."
First Official Promotional Image from Mangrove Oysters
Frontier Media has supplied cinematography expertise
to the web-series Mangrove Oysters;
in the pic: lead actress Robyn Paterson behind-the-scenes; 
"Lives intersect in the London of today..."
Second Official Promotional Image from Mangrove Oysters

Rebeca Cunha cast in the upcoming
Segment#0 of Time & Ten Women

Segment#0 of Time & Ten Women - Coming Soon
Jack Hanlon (Amp-Art), Tony Bowring (Arts on the Run) and
João Paulo Simões (Frontier Media) w/host Gul Nawaz Hussain 
- a joint interview at BBC Radio Sheffield, after the premiere of 
Frontier Stories: Banyamulenge at the Performance Migrations
event - Millennium Gallery;
Watch the First of our Frontier Stories:
Har Chand Sahara - Rafiki Jazz a Frontier Media production for Konimusic
Watch Here
Digital Narratives
a Lecture by João Paulo Simões
delivered on 19th October 2016 at The University of Leicester

"Whatever the format, the biggest mistake in storytelling is to think you have to “widen the appeal”; that you will reach more by tailoring content, character and narrative along the generic.
It may seem like a contradiction but, to make it representative is to dilute essence. It’s the direct route to a formulaic result which may provide immediate satisfaction to most, but with no revelatory impact of any kind.
The more specific you are, the deeper you can communicate with everyone. It becomes an unmediated dialogue with the individual. And I can’t think of anything more respectful of an audience..." - an excerpt from the transcript;
Images © The University of Leicester